Multi Grain Chokar










Multigrain Chokar is a very nutritious and health-enhancing animal diet, which makes our animals healthy and miserable. By regular consumption our animals and their calf are both healthy. Production is done in the supervision of the knowledgeable, by adding lots of nutritious substances in the correct amount and proportion. By which both of our animals and their calf can get proper nutrition.

Multi Grain Chokar is a mixture created by compounding varied food things within the acceptable proportion. Multi Grain Chokar is principally consists of grains, bran, garnishes, pulses, agricultural industrial co-products, minerals and vitamins. This can be the most cost effective supply for providing essential nutrients to animals. Multi Grain Chokar works for adult calves / calves, balanced and attractive wholesome food for the adult animals, for dry, victuals and wet animals. Its regular use of this amount, the price of milk production may be reduced and also the net of farmers may be exaggerated.










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